Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions
About Vegamax

Where is Vegamax made?

Vegamax is made in the US in a FDA registered & inspected state-of-the-art facility that is committed to strict adherence to good manufacturing practices.

Why do I need Vegamax?

We are swamped with a lot of high-calorie nutrient deprived food choices today. With Vegamax your body will get the nutrition it needs to function optimally.

When should I take Vegamax?

When your body needs the nutrients most. First thing in the morning, just before or after exercise or use to replace a meal.

Why is your protein blend so special?

Vegamax contains 21g of complete nutrient-dense protein. Every cell in the body – muscles, hair, skin, nails – is made up of protein. The kind of protein makes a difference and our blend of clean, best-in-class, plant-based protein keeps you going longer and your lean muscles toned. Our blend is comprised entirely of plant sources.

Are plant-based proteins better than whey/dairy based?

We think so. Plant-based proteins are easier to digest and better for the environment. Research has shown that plant-based proteins do not spike insulin levels, cause inflammation, and a variety of other health-related issues that are common with whey and animal-based products.

How about the taste?

Vegamax not only adds real nutrition to your smoothies it also enhances the taste. Try for yourself and see why so many people are adding Vegamax to their smoothies.

If I'm not vegan, can I still enjoy Vegamax?

Yes, Vegamax is good for anyone looking for natural, wholesome clean nutrition. This is a great way for healthy professionals, busy moms, students, athletes, vegans, vegetarians, and those with dietary issues to access the nutrition they need to live a long healthy life.