Healthy To Stay

High-Performance smoothie
powder to fuel your life!


Makes Smoothies

And delicious too. Add a
scoop to your favourite smoothie
or try one of our smoothie recipes

Boost Your

Immune System

7 nutrient dense plant-based superfoods to fire
up your immune system!

How it Works

What is VEGAMAX?

Vegamax is a plant-based smoothie protein powder made with 7 amazing super-foods designed to help your body function at it’s very best.

When should I have it?

The best time to have your Vegamax smoothie is when your body needs the nutrients most. First thing in the morning, before or after exercise. Or to replace a meal.

Why do I need It?

We are swamped with a lot of high calories nutrient deprived food choices. With Vegamax your body will get the nutrition it needs to function optimally.


Your Body Deserves the Best!

Clean Plant-Based Smoothie Powder

Specially formulated with 7 superfoods that boost your immune, boost your energy and provide optimal nutrition for your active lifestyle!

Vegamax fuses the individual benefits of spirulina, chia seeds, pea protein, organic hemp protein, dulse powder, sacha inchi protein and kelp powder. Add a scoop of Vegamax to your favorite smoothie today and fire up your nutrition!

Are You Ready?

It’s Time To Give Your Body The Nutrition It Needs

Good nutrition provides energy, promotes good sleep, and gives the body what it needs to stay strong and healthy. It’s an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of getting it right cannot be overstated. Better nutrition starts with Vegamax.


Vegamax chocolate flavoured vegan powder is a hit with chocolate lovers. Nutrition guaranteed. Made with the same plant-based ingredients as our vanilla powder. Give your taste buds a treat!

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Vegamax versatile vanilla flavoured vegan powder make a wide range of delicious smoothies. Fire up your daily nutrition with real plant-based ingredients from 7 nutrient dense superfoods!

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High Performance Smoothie
Powder for Everyone!

Vegamax is not just for vegans and vegetarians, this nutritious smoothie protein powder is a great way for healthy professionals, busy moms, athletes, and those with dietary issues to add extra nutrition to their active days and fuel their lives.

Vegamax is soy free, dairy free and sugar free. Non-GMO with no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives.


Unlock the Power of Vegamax


Clean Plant Protein

21g from the most nutritious plant-based food sources

Sugar Free

Load up on with antioxidants, vitamins and fibre to fuel your body


Nutrition that supports your immune system and reduces inflamation

Dairy Free

Boost your energy and your life!

What Our Customers Say

With zero sugars and 21 grams of protein, it's worth the money and my time. We just bought three bottles that is how much we liked this product. As a full time mom, runner and bodybuilder, this is a great supplement for those days when I need a quick boost. I also like the fact that its plant based. I give it a 5 star rating. I definitely recommend Vegamax.

- Karla Dennis

This is an awesome product! I put it in my unsweetened vanilla almond milk every morning with my berries and nuts, with a touch of oatmeal, or coconut flakes, and some slices of banana. I turned vegan last year and folks from my work who are non-vegans frequently ask me for some because it taste so good. Best plant based smoothie protein product I have ever tried.

- Alan Ritchie

Great product, I wanted a Vegan protein (not dairy whey) that was low fat and taste good it took me a while. But finally I found a winner! This protein powder tastes amazing, has a decent texture and doesn't wreck my digestive system like other protein powders. My whole family drinks it and it has become somewhat of a staple for breakfast. Can’t wait to try the chocolate flavor.

- Norma Walters


100% Plant-Based Ingredients